International cookery

Lebanese Cuisine
Anissa Helou
Published 31/07/08
ISBN 9781906502188
Format Paperback
Dimensions 234 x 156mm
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An updated edition of this fascinating book, which was short listed for the prestigious Andre Simon Award when it was first published, remains the only fully comprehensive collection of truly authentic Lebanese recipes available in the English language. As such, Lebanese Cuisine is a valuable contribution to our culinary knowledge.

There are over 250 classical recipes which represent an important part of the rich and turbulent history of this beautiful and bountiful country. The delicious arrays of world-famous mezze, offering light and refined servings, a delight to both eye and palate, provide a style of eating perfectly suited to today's health-conscious cook.

There are wonderful vegetarian dishes as well as aromatic stews, many of which can be left to cook slowly, allowing flavours to develop and often tasting even better when eaten the following day. It is Mediterranean food of elegance and infinite variety, using in delectable combinations, simple, healthy ingredients. Vegetables, fruit, nuts, grains and cold-pressed oils, rich in vitamins are features of every dish.


' authentic as they come...' Rena Salaman

'Anissa Helou brings a delightful personal touch to one of the world's finest cuisines.' Claudia Roden

...a rare insight into one of the... cuisines that has been a secret for too long...' Nigel Slater

'I have a long list of recipes I'm looking forward to trying...' Annie Bell, Vogue

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