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The Complete Robuchon
Joel Robuchon
Published 30/09/08
ISBN 9781906502225
Format Hardback
Dimensions 246 x 185mm
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Robuchon is the most influential French chef of the post-nouvelle cuisine era. Since the mid-eighties, he has been called the primus inter pares of Paris' three star chefs for his work both at Jamin and at his eponymous restaurant. He is renowned for the relentless perfectionism of his cuisine. His food was seen as instrumental in leading French cuisine away from the excesses - and excessive reductionism - of nouvelle cuisine. In particular, his cuisine is seen as harkening back to a more authentic, even bourgeois French cuisine - cuisine actuelle - which focuses on making each ingredient taste of itself. He has mentored such distinguished chefs as Gordon Ramsay and Michael Caines and his signature dishes include a cauliflower cream with caviar and potato puree.

In The Complete Robuchon he offers us his recipes (over 800), secrets and tips: from the perfect omelette to vegetable soup, leg of lamb to marinated mussels, to his renowned potato puree every dish is described in detail starting with the ingredients, he tells you how to clean and prepare them down to the way to hold the pan and precise cooking times. It is all here - a catalogue of the basics of French cuisine and a broad sampling of dishes that have earned the author his titles of glory and his truly imaginative recipes from L'Atelier.

Born in Poitiers in 1945, Joël Robuchon became the official chef of La Tour de France, where he learnt a variety of diverse regional techniques. At 28, he became head chef at Harmony-Lafayette, overseeing 3,000 meals a day. In 1981 he launched Jamin in Paris and within three years had received three Michelin stars. In 1996 he left his Parisian restaurant, establishing L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon in Tokyo. He opened another L'Atelier in Paris in 2003 and has since established Ateliers in Las Vegas, New York and London.


'Someone has to be top. In the past decade, nine out of ten restaurant critics would tell you that man is Joël Robuchon.' * Giles Mcdonagh, Financial Times*

'This instant classic will be a kitchen companion for life. If I owned one cookbook it would be this.' John Lewis, Waterstones

'The rest of the gastronomic world may play with nitrogen gas or conduct jolly television cook-alongs, but France's Joel Robuchon quietly issues a back-to-basics collection of 800 recipes for the home kitchen. No pictures, no gimmicks, just precise step-by-step instruction from a perfectionist chef. The man either has no imagination, or is the one, true sensible chef left on the planet' Terry Durack, The Independent on Sunday

'I expected the Complete Robuchon to be rather complicated, but its the opposite - simple versions of the classics, a really French charcuterie section with things like chitterlings, and over 800 recipes. Good value' The Observer Food Monthly

'Its surprisingly difficult these days to find a decent recipe for turnip. You have to turn to a Frenchman for that. Joel Robuchon's smothered baby turnips with chicken juices takes 25 minutes to produce and elevates this unstylish veg to new and glorious heights' The Telegraph Magazine

'Certainly worth taking seriously. Robuhon is the most influential French chef of the Poist-nouvelle cuisine era. He is renowned for the relentless perfectionism of his cuisine, which looks back to an authentic, even bourgeois French cuisine, which focuses on making each ingredient taste of itself. This is a book for serious cooks.' The Oxford Times

'He's the man who quit cooking at the age of 50, only to return with his cleverly casual yet utterly creative Atelier restaurants. Surprisingly, though, when it came to writing the definitive cookbook, the great Robuchon has gone back to basics. Stocks, sauces, forgotten regional recipes and a little culinary folklore make this a guide to traditional greatness. There's no Atelier recipes ... but the legendary Robuchon mash is there. Phew! Why buy? For the last word on French cooking, from a master.' Joanna Saville, Australian Gourmet Traveller

'There is, however, every reason to buy The Complete Robuchon (Grub Street, £25) by Joel Robuchon, a chef who greatly surpasses Gordon Ramsay in the matter of Michelin stars (17 to 13) ... it is great value. Ignore the recipes with expensive ingredients (foie gras) or rare ones (mirabelle plums); the majority are simple, delicious and cheap. I have cooked the best roast chicken, a delectable lemon tart, soups, vegetable dishes and sauces and stews, all superb, from this book. If I had to own just one cookery book, this would be it.' The Spectator

'With over 800 recipes (seven pages on pot-au-feu), the regional chapter, including tariflette de Savoie and buckwheat porridge with bacon, is particularly tempting ... Recipes are stated with exemplary clarity' The Independent

'It is all here - a catalogue of the basics of French cuisine and a broad sampling of dishes that have earned the author his deserved fame.' Irish Homes

'...packed with gutsy, bourgeois cuisine, with plenty of simple, rustic dishes. Apart from the recipes, Robuchon gives away all his secrets and tips ... a book destined to be a kitchen essential.' Fork magazine

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