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Veggie Burgers Every Which Way
Lukas Volger
ISBN 9781908117199
Format Paperback
Dimensions 210 x 175mm
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Author Lukas Volger, who has been making and eating veggie burgers since he was a teenager, elevates the vegetarian burger to its rightful status as real food. His collection of unique, delicious veggie burger recipes include Easy Bean Burgers, Red Lentil and Celeriac Burgers, Quinoa Burgers, Tofu and Chard Burgers, Tempeh Burgers, Baked Falafel Burgers, Thai Carrot Burgers, Spinach and Chickpea Burgers, and Sweet Potato Burgers with Lentils and Kale.

More than half the burger recipes are vegan and/or gluten-free, as are many of the extras, which include buns, salads, fries, toppings, and condiments. Everyday ingredients ensure that all the burgers and extras are quick and easy to assemble. The wide variety of tastes and flavours will excite every palate and suit every craving and occasion. And the mouth-watering photographs leave no doubt that great-tasting veggie burgers can look spectacular, too.


'This is a terrific book! I've never been a fan of veggie burgers — neither the word ' veggie' nor the dry little disks with their strange little flavors. But Lukas Volger has just the right idea: Make real food with real flavor — and burgers that go far beyond any microwavable snack. ..I'm headed to my kitchen right now.' Deborah Madison, author of The Green’s Cookbook

'One of the best vegetarian cookbooks in ages. His quick pickled onion recipe is better than sex!' Kerstin Rodgers, author of Supper Club

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